"Nothing is more important to me than my family, but my horses are a close second!"


Chris and Lauren give best wishes to their favorite jockey Rachel Lavoy. She was visiting Monmouth after sustaining an injury.


Carlos Nieto was aboard four consecutive Renpher Stable mounts, winning them all!!!!!

Who is Renpher?

Renpher is headed by our CEO, Bob Oliva. Bob grew up in Brooklyn, NY and now resides in Pa. While other kids were studying for High School exams, Bob was up late reading the Daily Racing Form. Bob aspired to become a jockey. He landed a job working for a top trainer at Belmont Park, P.G. Johnson, but outgrew his ambition.

Bob played a vital role in restoring fiber optics in lower NYC during the aftermath of 9/11. He was part of The Mayor's Task Force and received recognition for his sense of urgency and ability to deliver under the most adverse conditions. Read an excerpt from a speech given by The Honorable Michael Powell, Chairman of The FCC.


Bob O offers over 30 years of experience in the thoroughbred industry. His experience allows him to interface with trainers acting as a "go between" for the partners. He has conducted seminars on Horse Racing 101, has been interviewed several times on At the Races and Beyond, as well as appearing on TVG.

Bob O is fully responsible for the acquisition of all horses obtained for Renpher Stable. Our Khrysty is a living testimonial to his ability to select unraced 2yos in training. As Bob's top pick of the sale, Our Khrysty was purchased for $25,000. She earned $313k and was sold for $600k! There have been several other successful 2yos.

In 2002 Bob was eliminated from the Belmont Showdown handicapping contest. At the time of elimination, Bob was ranked 31st out of 5740 contestants! After elimination he landed at 341.

Bob O enjoyed moderate success off the track in business. His love for thoroughbred racing coupled with his good fortune allowed him to create Renpher Stable. It has become an affordable means for anyone to become an owner.

"Nothing is more important to me than my family, but my horses are a close second!"

The word Renpher was created by Bob's wife Valerie. It is a combination of their two children LauREN and ChristoPHER. Lauren, since age 8, could recite pedigree information, while Chris as early as age 6, would have you convinced he is the next leading jockey of Monmouth Park.

Renpher Stable was designed to be the Oliva's racing stable. Due to the recent demand for Limited Partnerships, as well as constant requests from friends and family, Bob has designed a simple and fun way to join the action. We now have over 135 partners from states all over the country.

"You only live once! What are you waiting for?!"

Our current philosophy has our home base at Penn National. From Penn National we can ship to various venues while enjoying the increased purse revenue available at our home base.

Our trainers include a well rounded group consisting of a Breeders Cup trainer in Todd Beattie including up and coming stars.

Renpher Stable boasted

7 wins in 12 starts in 2003!!!!!

The good news is our success didn't end there. We have been maintaining respectable statistics.

Check our stats: "Stable News".

Decisions will be made on a horse by horse basis as to where they are best suited to race.


March 20, 2012