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March 20, 2012

We measure success by our revenue versus cost.

In horse racing revenue means purse money. At Renpher Stable, we acquire horses based on their ability to be profitable. We look for horses with lifetime condtions, along with ability. Acquiring the right race horse is obviously the foundation of success. It is easier said than done. We have a solid team in place to help with the acquisition process.

All horses acquired by Renpher Stable are placed to win. Running horses "over their heads" is a recipe for disaster. We take a good long look at various Condition Books for every horse, every start. A well placed horse helps us succeed with profitability.

Our stats are the end result of our acquisitions as well as the races we enter.

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Of course you can have a nice horse, pick a good spot and still be unsuccessful without a solid trainer and crew. Renpher Stable is fortunate to have access to many "hands on" hard working trainers. This includes Breeders Cup trainer Todd Beattie.

Did you ever think you could own a thoroughbred racehorse for $60 a month? AND receive your share of purse revenue!

It's true. We offer partnerships with minimun investments of 3%. With our low overhead, you can expect monthly expenses to be $20 per month, per 1%, per horse.

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We do not mark up claims. The claiming price is the dollar value used to determine your intial cost.

Monthly expenses are made easy. Renpher Stable has our own proprietary software. Renpher Accounting System "RAS" generates an invoice for every partner. You will receive your personalized monthly invoice/statement. It notes your balance forward from the month prior. Purse money is added, expenses are deducted.

Everyday we send out an e-mail to all the partners providing an update of status. Status includes, upcoming races, results, upcoming claims and partnership opportunities. You will read about inside information that will keep you up to date with our inside scoop.

We also use an 800 number to conduct conference calls. Each call has a predetermined topic. However, we always allow time for open discussion. Did you ever have a question about racing? Ask it. We can promise you two things. You will learn about racing from the inside out, and you will have a ball!




At Renpher Stable we believe in the phrase "you only live once". So what are you waiting for?

Successful and affordable.

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